Connected Era has introduced Real Time as the new currency in advertising, placing the consumer in the centre of all strategies. Ascanius Media operates according to the same principles.
We are always in the hub since we continually create changes by operating in a dynamic communication environment. We are pleased that we have been the leader of change in the market by recognizing digital as a new opportunity, along with the unavoidable path of development, by introducing Augmented Reality which brought us a regional recognition award, as well as Twitter advertising, Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology, and Programmatic buying – the cutting-edge method of online media buying.

The very structure of the Ascanius Media System is closely linked to our culture. It gathers the teams from the region at joint tasks and enables simultaneous insight into the centralized tools, as well as into the expertise and specific features of each of the local offices. The results are optimal and innovative communication solutions, which shift the market towards the latest trends and enable our partners to successfully follow their global strategies.
An important part of our business is founded on promoting media environment – detecting and creating the best media content and participating in its presentation to our partners from the media.

“Connected era” provides ample possibilities of communication. Constant media fragmentation creates an increasingly dynamic, exciting and complex environment, with the reality mimicking the interface of the virtual world. We cannot take consumers’ attention for granted. Constant pursuit of more efficient methods of communication demands measurable and innovative reaction.

We believe that communication planning is a sophisticated Science & Art approach. The basis of this approach is the consumer journey and the fact the media world is divided into Paid, Earned and Owned media, with the ROI at the focus.

Our methodology, which we call 7L, is completely standardized and offers a possibility for timely and precise response to all challenges that the advertisers encounter. Through five phases – analysis, creating content, optimization and measurability through to the learning phase (which implies the collection of all knowledge and findings) – we offer unique responses and solutions for the connection planning.